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10 Bizarre Ad Campaigns That Translated Badly

In this article, We Share the 10 Bizarre Ad Campaigns That Translated Badly. Check the Table of Content and Read the article.

Everyone knows that advertising is essential to the growth of any business. But there are some cases around the world where coincidence has become a threat when it comes to advertising because when these English sentences are translated into different languages, they become very funny and weird.

1. KFC

Since we started this list in China, it just seems appropriate to end it in a great country. In 1987, Kentucky Fried Chicken opened its first store in Beijing. He knew it would be an instant hit because of his reputation as the "Fast Food Kings" and with his eye-popping slogan, "Finger licking is good", there was only one way and that was it. But what they didn't realize was that they would make a big mistake and translate the slogan into Chinese, "We'll eat your fingers." I am sure the locals stayed away from KFC for a few weeks for fear of losing their numbers. So, what did Colonel Sanders do with his secret herbs and spices?
No wonder it was always kept secret. These ten brands thought that adding catch freezes to their products would make them famous and in most cases this happened. The only problem was that when it was translated into other languages, their advertising campaigns came back to haunt them. Overall, some of the above brands improved their slogans for all countries and some did not attract much attention. So, as you can see, even large guns often resonate (sometimes completely in another language).

2. Coors

Beer companies, of course, are one of the largest in the United States as well as the rest of the world. Their beer is sold in almost every restaurant, pub and store. His slogan, "Turn at Loose," was a huge hit in the country, but sadly, it was the only local English-speaking country that launched his campaign. When they took him "turn at loose" in Spanish-speaking countries, "diarrhea" is what he left (not literally). Although some people say that the Spanish translation is not so wrong as they get from drinking Coors. In any case, the course did not expect such a thing and was forced to change it immediately.

3. Clairol

As a company that trades in hair products, Clarol has been doing well in the United States. The reason is that they offer quality products at reasonable prices. Due to such success, he introduced a curling iron in 2006 and named it "Must Stick" which showed exceptional performance in the country. But, when they took the product to Germany, it didn't work out as well as they thought. Apparently "fog" in German means "fertilizer". So, basically, people were looking at the "fertilizer stick" in cosmetic stores across the country. Who wants one of these and who will they really use it for? Funny when you really photograph it.

4. Milk

Have you ever heard of "got milk"? If you have one, you know that this was the largest advertising campaign in the United States by the American Dairy Association. The ads went viral in a matter of days, and the success helped the company expand its campaign to countries around the world. When "milk" arrived in Spanish-speaking countries, those two simple words became three very personal words. The slogan reads "Do you breastfeed" in Spanish, which angered women but also made the company laugh. Although the two slogans are somewhat connected, they are a little more personal than most women.

5. Pepsi

Another great Chinese story, and again, it has to do with fuzzy drinks. This time it's Pepsi, another big one in the beverage community and a close competitor to Coca-Cola. When he launched his campaign and product in China, his slogan was "We bring you back to life." It was something new and very refreshing. But, in Chinese, it takes on another meaning that literally frightens people. "We bring your ancestors back from the grave,". Scary, funny, or long-awaited? Pepsi decided to run with it knowing that it would give notice to their brand.

6. Puffs Tissues

Puffs tissues
Puffs, one of the largest tissue brands, is a favorite in the United States. After seeing that the product is doing very well in the country, they decided to export it to the world. It was a great idea until the product reached Europe, Germany. The company hit a brick wall here. The word "puff" is a synonym word for "brothel" or "whore house" in German. Needless to say, the product didn't go down as quickly as it did in the rest of the world. In England, too, the word "Pouf" is a blasphemous word for "homosexual". You don't want to do anything with your face, I'm sure.

7. Ford Pinto

Ford Pinto
Ford has always been the top runner in the field of automobiles as it is today. He started the era of cheap cars so that the majority of people would have the luxury of owning one. But sometimes they make the best mistakes. In 1971, Ford introduced the compact superseller Pinto. The car sold successfully in the United States, but the company saw lower sales in Brazil. They did not understand why this was happening until they realized that pinto in Brazil means "genitals of little men". Now, who wants to buy this right? What's even more confusing is the fact that an automobile company was selling Ford "Pinto".

8. Braniff Airlines

Braniff Airlines
During 1977, Brainf Airlines installed only one type of leather seat for first class passengers only. To attract passengers, he wrote a slogan: "Fly in leather." In English, it demonically appeals to all those who fly directly and continuously. Being one of the best airlines in the world, people expected high comfort and that's what they got. But, when the slogan was translated into Spanish and read as "Viola en Cerro" or "Fly Naked" for English speakers, the company laughed out loud.Apparently, it wreaked havoc on the airways, and thankfully people didn't take off their birthday suits along the way. We know that airlines do their best to relax, but what they offer in Spanish will take it to a whole new level.

9. Parker Pen

Parker Pen
The pen guru, Parker, has been in the game for many years and almost always comes up. Well, I said everything. As he campaigned for his brand of leaked brand pen, his famous slogan read "It will not leak into your pockets and will embarrass you". Quite true for most users and easy enough for all English speakers. But take this statement and translate it into Spanish and guess what you have brought?"It won't leak into your pocket and make you pregnant." If it's not vague enough, I don't know what it is. What is the need for contraception when you have a Parker pen? Parker, as a brand all over the world, did not know what went wrong and so he changed it just to make it easier for everyone.

10. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola, one of the largest brands of fuzzy drinks, began its reign in China with a big laugh. When it first arrived in the country, the brand was described as "Kyu-ko-la" which translates as "cutting the wax tadpole" as seen here. Obviously, it didn't make sense and it had nothing to do with alcohol. In another dialect, it is also read as "waxed female horse." I don't think we expect that when we open a cold can of coke.Confused with the translation, he decided to change the sound to "ko-ko-li". It looked the same but it did not change the situation. It meant "happiness in the mouth" which was like our expectation from Coca-Cola but could be linked to any of the "Fifty Shades of Gray".


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