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The Secret to Attract a Woman

In this article, We Share The Secret to Attract a Woman. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

The Secret to Attract a Woman

In order to attract a beautiful woman, we are going to give you a lot of diverse and diverse advice, sometimes even the opposite. You treat him like a friend, make jokes, throw spikes at him, You have to switch between hot and cold. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In short, we give you a lot of advice to do, but we do not reveal the real secret. All the difference. I’m not kidding, everything changes when you apply it to your relationship life (and even your life). And in this article, I’m going to show it to you.

Fatal error of shy men

Fatal error of shy men
When men want to seduce, they often want to do too much, especially those who are ashamed. They are passionate about a woman, and they will be obsessed with her, thinking about her day and night, collecting scenes from the beginning, imagining many scenes of her life together. Will do

To return to the reality that makes them suffer: they did not at all.

seduce her
Exactly what happened to me then, many times. At age 16, I was the first scientist, and I was obsessed with a pretty girl in my class. The only problem is that I didn't have fiber at that time in my life. Worse, I had no idea how a man-woman relationship works, I didn't know how to seduce, and I felt terrible about myself. Deep down, I was sure I would be alone all my life. It was hard to live As a shy girl, I didn't even dare talk to girls, so imagine the girl I like the most. She is just a woman like everyone else. Covering her body was more helpful (and maybe even touching), the fact that she was in no way superior to me. And yet I did not see it with that eye: it was completely inaccessible to me. She was the perfect woman, and I could not seduce her.

The biggest mistake I made in this story was putting it on a pedestal.

The lesson I learned much later was that it was no use for me to consider her a good woman, on the contrary. I didn't know how to get to her, what to tell her. I was just afraid of being rejected and not loved. It was only later that I realized that the real reason behind it was that I didn't love myself. I was very sorry that I never tried anything and at the same time fortunately I didn't, because considering my incredibly "needy" behavior, it never works.

There is NOTHING that can cool a woman more than chasing after her and showing her that we are acquired.

Why? To avoid this type of behavior, his female brain has been strained since ancient times. In other words, the more you find it attractive (and subconsciously act on it), the more you reject it. It's physical, it's automatic. Why do you think "bad guys" attract women like magnets? When it denies all logic? Precisely because they are "rare", hardly, inaccessible. And it is very attractive to women. So, I'm not telling you to turn into a bastard to lure yourself into it, the idea is far from me. I keep the conviction that you can seduce any woman by remaining honest, honest, and respectful. Only, now you have to keep in mind the psyche of the women who have not moved a single dough since dawn (and this is the case for the male psyche as well). So, you have to learn to make yourself wanted, not to respond to all his requests, to avoid certain behaviors. We'll talk about that a little bit below. The golden rule of seduction is really to stop being needy. You don't need her to be happy. If you don't already have a quality lifestyle, then a woman won't change anything.

The secret of magnetic seduction

You see, if you are in need, this is the best way to never end up with a questioning woman. It is important to keep yourself in inaccessible mode. Automatically, greed, stress begins, and you are more likely to be seduced by it. It is very attractive for a woman to see a man who opposes her. I know, it's weird, irrational and whatever you want, and yet it's a biological reality that it wants. Don't fight against biology. You can only lose. So, learn to avoid all the attitudes that make a woman run away: Send messages all the time, reply within a second. Always be available for this. Agree systematically and endorse it. If it does not respond, always relaunch it. Ask her out well if she is no longer absorbed in the connection. Follow him all evening, stay connected to his baskets. These are MOP attitudes, not human beings.

This kind of attitude is exceptionally repulsive if you want to scare a woman there is nothing better.

scare a woman
At the same time, put yourself in his place and imagine a man who works like that. Do you want to go with it? No challenge, no challenge, no spice at all because it was already ripe. In your life, do you imagine boredom if you are 100 sure that everything will work all the time, like clockwork? Many women like challenges, love the men who compete with them, and who allow themselves to be wanted. The whole game of greed is played at this time. We move, we get warm, and we get cold, we attract, and we retreat, we make it clear to others by our actions that our lives are already high and we need to be happy. No need

It is precisely this behavior that will make her crack.

Watch the movie Hutch, when Will Smith visits Eva Mendes at the bar. Look at his attitude, what he says and what he does. The moment he leaves without leaving his name, creating attention and interest, she bites his lip because he doesn't act like other men. She works as an "alpha", she's charismatic, and she's charming.


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