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Top 10 Best Race Horses Ever

In this Article Top 10 Best Race Horses Ever

Top 10 Best Race Horses Ever

1. Black Caviar

Black Caviar

Black Caviar one of the master piece we have in the world and one of the Best Race Horses Ever. Black Caviar was born on August 18th 2006 at 5:20 am at Gilgai farm in Nagambie Victoria, Australia, its color is Dark Bay. Black Caviar grown up on the Goulburn River property and in the month of December 2007 for jumping into 2nd year preparation where she was about to be sold on behalf of Rick Jamieson to Peter Moody for Two hundred and ten thousand US Dollars at Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale. Beautiful master piece Black Caviar was owned by G.J. Wilkie, K.J. Wilkie, Werrett Bloodstock Pty Ltd, C.H. Madden, J. Madden, P.A. Hawkes, D.M. Taylor, J. Taylor.

That Black Caviar was undefeated in 25 races including 15 group one victories, she gave business of $7,953,936 and got retired on April 17th 2013.

Black Caviar Birth

August 18, 2006

Black Caviar Age

15 years

Black Caviar Country


Black Caviar Owner

G.J. Wilkie

Black Caviar Awards

World Champion Sprinter in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Black Caviar Earnings


Black Caviar Death

at the age of 15 she died.

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2. Citation


Citation horse was an American triple crown winning thoroughbred racehorse and one of the Best Race Horses Ever. Citation won consistently 16 races without lose a single match in major stacks racings and that was the 1st one in the history who won 1 million dollars. It was owned and bred by Calumet Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. Even though Citation was a bred in Kentucky but his pedigree was largely European. Citation gave business of $1,085,760 and died at the age of 25 on August 8th 1970 and was buried at the cemetery of Horses at Calumet Farm.

Citation Birth

  • April 11, 1945

Citation Age

  • 25 years

Citation Country

  • United States

Citation Owner

  • Ben A. Jones Jimmy Jones

Citation Awards

  • American Horse of the Year
  • Triple Crown Trophy
  • American Champion Two-Year-Old Male Horse
  • American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse
  • American Champion Older Dirt Male Horse

Citation Earnings

  • $ 1.086 million

Citation Death

  • Aug. 8, 1970

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3. Frankel

Frankel Top 10 Best Race Horses Ever

Frankel horse is a well-known racing horse in the history and also and one of the Best Race Horses Ever. He is named after the well-known and late American trainer Bobby Frankel. He was unbeatable in his fourteen race career and from May 2011 was the highest rated racing horse in the world. He was on 1st position awarded World Thoroughbred Rankings (2011, 2012) and gave business of £2,998,302 and got retired due to injury.

Frankel Birth

  • February 11, 2008

Frankel Age

  • Updated Soon

Frankel Country

  • Cheveley, England

Frankel Owner

  • Khalid Bin Abdullah

Frankel Awards

  • Queen Elizabeth II Stakes at Ascot in October 2011

Frankel Earnings

  • 2.998 GBP

Frankel Death

  • Updated Soon

4. Man o War

Man o War

Man o War Horse mainly considered and one of the Best Race Horses Ever. and was born on March 19th 1917. In his career after world war 1 he did race for 21 matches and won 20 races and gave business of $249,465. In the honor of Man O’ War museum opened special exhibit in his honor on March 29 2017. At the age of 30 he died on November 1st 1947.

Man o War Birth

  • March 29, 1917

Man o War Age

  • 30 years

Man o War Country

  • United States

Man o War Owner

  • Samuel D. Riddle

Man o War Awards

  • Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing

Man o War Earnings

  • $ 249,465

Man o War Death

  • Nov. 1, 1947, Lexington

5. Phar Lap

Phar Lap

Phar Lap was born on 4th October 1926, he was raced and trained by a big time trainer from Australia Harry Telford. In his career 19 major wins he had in big championships. He was one of the highest rated horse in the history of Australia. Phar lap name derives from the common Zhuang and Thai word use for lightning literally ‘Sky Flash’. He was called as a Big Red, Bobby, Red Terror and Wonder Horse. He was died because of illness on 5th April 1932 and Gave business of £A66,738.

Phar Lap Birth

  • October 4, 1926

Phar Lap Age

  • 7 years

Phar Lap Country

  • New Zealand

Phar Lap Owner

  • David Davis and Harry Telford

Phar Lap Awards

  • AACTA Award for Best Original Music Score
  • AACTA Award for Best Editing
  • AACTA Award for Best Sound

Phar Lap Earnings

  • $15,754,008

Phar Lap Death

  • 5 April 1932

6. Ruffian


Ruffian was born on April 17th 1972 and was the American Champion and one of the Best Race Horses Ever. Ruffian won 10 races consistently without losing any single match and usually won by a wide margin from other horses. In later races she got completely injured in one of the races which Ruffian reacted very poorly. Ruffian was ranked among the top ranked racing horses of 20th century. Her life story was told in the film Ruffian 2007. Ruffian was died on July 7th 1975 and gave business of $313,428.

Ruffian Birth

  • April 17, 1972

Ruffian Age

  • Updated Soon

Ruffian Country

  • United States

Ruffian Owner

  • Mr & Mrs Stuart Janney

Ruffian Awards

  • Eclipse Award for American Champion Two-Year-Old Filly
  • Eclipse Award posthumously for American Champion Three-Year-Old filly

Ruffian Earnings

  • $ 313,428

Ruffian Death

  • July 7, 1975

7. Seabiscuit


Seabiscuit was Foaled on May 23rd 1933 Ruffian and one of the Best Race Horses Ever. He was one of the top champion horses of the United states. He was the top money winning racehorse up to 1940s and was known in films and books. Film released in 2003 with the name of the horse Seabiscuit based on the novel Seabiscuit. Successes made him highly popular in the history of America. He gave business of $437,730. He died on May 17th 1947.

Seabiscuit Birth

  • May 23, 1933

Seabiscuit Age

  • 14 years old

Seabiscuit Country

  • United states

Seabiscuit Owner

  • Charles S. Howard

Seabiscuit Awards

  • Triple-Crown winner
  • American Horse of the Year for 1938

Seabiscuit Earnings

  • $ 437,730

Seabiscuit Death

  • May 17, 1947

8. Seattle


Seattle was foaled on February 15, 1974, in American history Seattle won the Triple Crown in 1977 and remain 10th of thirteen horses to accomplish the feat. Seattle is one of the Best Race Horses Ever. He was one of the 2 horses who won Triple Crown while haven’t got any defeat in any previous races. He was own by Mickey and Karen L. Taylor, Tayhill Stable/Jim Hill, et. al. Seattle gave business of $1,208,726. and Died on May 7th 2002 at the age of 26.

Seattle Birth

  • February 15, 1974

Seattle Age

  • 28 years

Seattle Country

  • Kentucky

Seattle Owner

  • Mickey and Karen L. Taylor

Seattle Awards

  • Triple Crown in 1977

Seattle Earnings

  • $1,208,726

Seattle Death

  • May 7, 2002

9. Secretariat


Secretariat is one of the Best Race Horses Ever and born on March 30, 1970. In American Thoroughbred racehorse he became the 1st Triple Crown Winner in 25 years in 1973.  He has a history of record breaking Winning in the Belmont Stakes, which he won by 31 lengths and was Largely recorded as of the Greatest races in the history. He gave business of $1,316,808 and was own by Meadow Stable (Christopher Chenery, Penny Chenery). He died on October 4, 1989 at the age of 19.

Secretariat Birth

  • March 30, 1970

Secretariat Age

  • 19 years

Secretariat Country

  • United States

Secretariat Owner

  • Penny Chenery

Secretariat Awards

  • American Horse of the Year
  • American Champion Male Turf Horse
  • Triple Crown Trophy
  • American Champion Two-Year-Old Male Horse
  • American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse

Secretariat Earnings

  • 1.317 million USD

Secretariat Death

  • 1989

10. Zenyatta


Zenyatta was foaled April 1, 2004 and is retired now in American Thoroughbred Race Horse mare, In 20 races career he was the winner of 19 starts. He defeats came in her last race in 2010.  He was purchased by record producer Jerry Moss and his wife Ann, who gave her a name after the Zenyatta Mondatta, by the Police, who were signed to A&M Records by Moss. She gave business of $7,304,580.

Zenyatta Birth

  • April 1, 2004

Zenyatta Age

  • 20 years

Zenyatta Country

  • Updated Soon

Zenyatta Owner

  • Jerry Moss
  • Ann Moss

Zenyatta Awards

  • $7,304,580

Zenyatta Earnings

  • 7.305 million USD

Zenyatta Death

  • Updated Soon


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