North Ice, Greenland

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Top 10 Coldest Places in the World

1. Eismitte, Greenland

Eismitte, Greenland

Eismitte is in Greenland is one of the Coldest Places in the World. The name Eismitte means “Ice Center” in German in English it’s also called Mid Ice. It’s the arctic expedition in the middle of Greenland. The coldest temperature recorded on march 20th 1931 was −64.8 °C (−84.6 °F). The sun doesn’t set between May 13 and July 30 every year and Does not rise between November 23 to January 20.

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2. Fort Selkirk, Yukon, Canada

Fort Selkirk, Yukon, Canada

Fort Selkirk was the former trading post-Yukon river and for many many years, it was a home for the Selkirk First Nation. Researchers and experts say that the evidence of the place shows that this place was in use for more than at least 8000 years. There is no road access and many visitors use boats to visit there. The weather condition is cold -8°C.

3. North Ice, Greenland

North Ice, Greenland Top 10 Coldest Places in World

North Ice in Greenland is having an altitude of 2,341 meters 7,680 ft above sea level,  the temperature was observed as −69.6 °C (−93.3 °F) at the Greenland Ice Sheet on 22 December 1991. This “North Ice” is one of the Coldest Places in the World. The station recorded a temperature of −66.1 °C (−87.0 °F) on 9 January 1954, which really made it the lowest temperature ever recorded in North America up until that time.

4. Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon in Russia is one of the Coldest Places in the World and a permanently inhabited place for settlement on Earth. It is a rural location in the Oymyakonsky District of Russia, located 30 kilometers northwest of Tomtor on the Kolyma Highway. Schools get closed when the temperature gets colder than −55.0 °C (−67.0 °F). The temperature gets cold throughout the years and snowfalls happen every time. It has two main Valleys besides. These two valleys catch the winds inside the town which makes the climate very colder.

5. Plateau Station, Antarctica

Plateau Station, Antarctica

Plateau Station outpost at the highest altitude at 3,624 meters (11,890 ft.) above sea level. The Producing altitude, due to the polar circulation vortex, was exceeding 4,000 meters (13,123 ft.), making the base a useful location for high altitude research. It is famous for being the most Coldest Place in World. It was one of the coldest places on the earth and was measured at a temperature of −99.8 °F (−73.2 °C) in July 1968.

6. Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA

Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA

Prospect Creek is a very small place for settlement and one of the Coldest Places in the World and, it is roughly 299 Kilometers north of present-day Fairbanks and from present-day Bettles Alaska 40 kilometers southeast. It’s the home of the US for having a record of lowest temperature on January 23rd, 1971 the recorded temperature was −79.8 °F (−62.1 °C) (rounded to −80 °F (−62 °C)). Prospect Creek is 643 feet above sea level. Prospect Creek is popularly known for gold mining and quartz mining. The Innoko Mining District is very famous for its mining and findings of large quartz.

7. Rogers Pass, Montana, USA

 Rogers Pass, Montana, USA

Rogers Pass is a pass from or between mountains that is 5610 feet above sea level, Rogers pass is located in the continental divide in the US state of Montana. Only Marias pass and Rogers pass two roads that cross-continental divide, Rogers Pass is more than 100 miles or 160 meters south of Marias pass. Deadly Coldest wave ever recorded on Rogers pass in the United States, On January 20th, 1954 the lowest temperature ever recorded −70 °F (−57 °C) was recorded during a severe cold wave.

8. Snag, Yukon, Canada

Snag, Yukon, Canada

Snag Yukon here the temperature is -10 °C and the wind-wave moves with the 10 Km/h. The village Snag is located on the white river having a Bowl-Shaped. The lowest temperature ever recorded for continental North America was on February 3, 1947, which is −63.0 °C (−81.4 °F).

9. Verkhoyansk, Russia

Verkhoyansk, Russia

Verkhoyansk in Russia holds the Guinness World Record for having the coldest temperature ever recorded on earth which is from -67.8C in winter to 37.3C in summer. This place holds the records of hottest and coldest temperatures above the arctic circle. The name of the place “Verkhoyansk” is in the Russian language as the town on the Upper Yana, Because of its geographical location. This piece of earth was founded in 1638 and Settlement was happening in 1817. According to the 2010 census 1311 and in 2018 the estimation of the people was 1,122.

10. Vostok, Antarctica

Vostok, Antarctica

Vostok Station is a Russian research station founded by the Soviet Union in 1957. Vostok station lies in the southern cold pole which is the lowest measured temperature ever recorded on earth at −89.2 °C. The research included ice core drilling and magnetometry. The temperature which is the average temperature in the summer season (from November to March) is about −42 °C (−44 °F). and in the Cold season (from April to October) is about −65 °C (−85 °F). The Establishment was happening on December 16th, 1957, Vostok station is 11,447 ft. above sea level. In total 25 people live on Vostok Station for research.