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Top 10 Fastest Trains in the world

In this article, We Share the Top 10 Fastest Trains in the world. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Top 10 Fastest Trains in the world

1. Shanghai Maglev 267 mph

Shanghai Maglev 267 mph Top 10 Fastest Trains of the world

Shanghai Maglev is one of the Fastest Trains in the world, having a cruising speed of 431 km/h. The trans rapid is a magnetic levitation train. The cost for building per kilometer is $39.759 million. The balance of payments has been in huge deficits since its opening and from 2004 to 2006 the Corporate which was running a line was in a one billion RMB loss. Shanghai maglev train has a length of 153 meters. 3.7 meters width and 4.2 meters height. it configures more than 550 passengers.

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2. Fuxing Hao CR400AF BF 249 mph

Fuxing Hao CR400AF BF 249 mph

As China is one of the fastest-growing countries in technology here China again won again for introducing the Fastest Trains of the world and its non-maglev train currently in service and having a standard speed of 350 km/h by these two models CR400AF and CR400BF. The name Fuxing Hao is translated and means Energetic. The models CR400AF and CR400BF have nicknames the CR400AF has a nickname “Dolphin Blue” and CR400BF has a nickname of “Golden Phoenix”. It came into service on August 15, 2016.  The width of the train is 11 ft., Height is 13 ft. 3 in and 685 ft. 8 in length.

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3. Shinkansen H5 and E5 224 mph

Shinkansen H5 and E5 224 mph

H5 Series is one of the Fastest Trains in the world which is owned by Hokkaido Railway Company. Constructed from 2014 to 2015 and came into service for the public on March 26, 2016. They built 40 vehicles of 4 sets and all are in service. 10 cars per train set. These trains have the capacity to accommodate 730 people. The total standard speed they have is 320 km/h. The first 2 sets were delivered and initiated in October 2014. The big industrial companies Hitachi and Kawasaki heavy industries built that H5 Series with the cost of approximately 18 billion yen.

4. The Italo and Frecciarossa 220 mph

The Italo and Frecciarossa 220 mph

Frecciarossa is one of the Fastest Trains in the world. The name Frecciarossa has two words, If we split the full name into two names then here we get “Freccia Rossa” and it means “Red Arrow” in English. It was introduced in 2009 its previous name was Eurostar Italia. It operates at a speed of 300 km/h. It can accommodate 574 passengers with flexible and relaxing seats.

5. Renfe AVE 217 mph

Renfe AVE 217 mph

AVE train operates by Renfe company of Spain. AVE is Alta Velocidad Española; it’s a high-speed rail in Spain having a speed of 310 km/h. In Spanish Alta Velocidad Española means ” Spanish High Speed”. It has a length of 3,100 km. After China, it’s the second-largest network in the world.

6. Haramain Western Railway 217 mph

Haramain Western Railway 217 mph

Haramain Western Railway referring to the holy cities of Mecca and medina it is also known as we railways or mecca medina high-speed railways having a speed of 299 km/h and having a line of the rail is 453-kilometer-long. It has five stations and has only 2 tracks. It was opened to the public on October 11, 2018. The total for phase one package one was US$1.8 billion and for phase two was $38 million for design and construction for stations.

7. DeutscheBahn ICE: 205 mph

DeutscheBahn ICE 205 mph

Deutsche Bahn ICE commonly known as Intercity Express started in 1985 and is still working and having more advancements are coming in the next coming years. Intercity express has a speed of 320 km/h, with 259 train sets in use currently. It’s the highest Class A train in the system of Deutsche Bahn having a network in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Formerly Denmark.

8. Korail KTX 205 mph

Korail KTX 205 mph

Korail KTX Ko rail is a Korean Rail and KTX meaning Korean Train Express It’s a South Korean High-Speed Rail which was tracked from Seoul to Busan in 1992 and KTX was launched in 2004 April 1st.

This bullet train was founded on 1 September 1963; 57 years ago, as Korean National Railroad, and on 1 January 2005; 15 years ago, renamed as Korail. KTX having 652 stations

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9. Eurostar e320 and TGV 200 mph

Eurostar e320 and TGV 200 mph

It’s an international High-Speed railway service connected with countries like the United Kingdom with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Get link European public service company based in Paris owns and operates Eurostar trains. Eurostar E320 as we see in the title is having a speed of 320 km/h. The E320 series is a complete redesign of Eurostar trains in 22 years.

10. Thalys 186 mph

Thalys 186 mph

Thalys is a French Belgian High-speed bullet train Which shares tracks with Eurostar. It was founded in 1987 and has 26 stations with a speed of 300 km/h. It operates in the high-speed line between Paris and Brussels. It always targets the market of passengers in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany a lot of percentage profit and income gets from these business targets. Thalys management doesn’t allow children below 12 to travel alone.



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