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How Much Does It Cost To Make A Game App?


Whenever you consider working on some idea, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost of implementation.

The demand for mobile game production is booming, and there are many ways to get the benefit. With new and modern technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality, the gaming industry becomes more interested than ever to see how developers can use them in games.

Most probably, that is the reason why PokemonGO gets that much fame in the market. But there is one thing that opposed belief no developer and company can tell you the estimated and exact cost regarding game development by knowing your concept about the game.

So, you must be thinking and estimating the cost that is involved in game development. However, you can’t calculate the entire price of the game development process at once.

In this article, we’ll assist you in understanding the different ranges. We have defined some factors in this that impact your overall cost of developing a game app.  

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Factors Influencing Mobile Game Development Costs:

1. Selection Of Mobile Operating System:

Nowadays, there are only two best choices for a company and an Android individual, and the other is iOS.

There are several other platforms like Blackberry Windows, but these two platforms are not that much well-known as Android and iOS.

The choice of platform ultimately increases your cost of the overall development process. For example, the admin system and payment integration are much costly as compare to Android devices.

On the other side of Android development, if you want your game to run in older versions, that costs you a little more.

Most probably, you will face the cost disadvantage from both channels if you choose a hybrid model. Somehow it is beneficial to go with a hybrid model.

The reason behind this is that yes! A hybrid model is expensive, but on the other side, it brings a considerable market share and revenue.

2. Pre-Development Expenditures:

Having a rough understanding of the game idea or a well-documented strategy will make the difference between success and failure.

An essential step in game development is strategizing the game’s story, levels, characters, and so on. Although this is an internal procedure, it doesn’t indicate that it won’t include any expense.

It depends on your game idea complexity. If your idea is complex, maybe you require to hire an experienced developer or “mobile game development company that will guide you regarding the entire process of game development. Pre-development is classified into two types.

Game Design: 

It is a point where the levels, gameplay, target users, and gaming atmosphere, among other things, are listed down.

Controlling and coordinating mobile game production can become extremely difficult without a planned game design, and the final product may contain numerous flaws and inconsistencies.

Plot And Characters:

Engagement is made on the foundation of stories. It would be challenging to keep the players engaged until the end of the game if there is no story or character.

Character design entails deciding on a game character’s appearance, accent, and sound, as well as their interaction with the user.

An experienced game planner can charge anywhere from $35 to $85 (price can vary) per hour for a project. It is better for a person to hire a nearby in-house developer or company.

Because the planning phase is significant in the development process, it requires a lot of communication and integration among these two parties. The one who is investing in development and the company or developer. As there are a lot of things, you have to tell your developer. And as a developer, you need several approvals.

Once you have done with your idea, you can hire someone else that have a low price option for your game development and technical work for the sake of better quality.

3. Classes Of Games And Genres

After you’ve completed the preceding levels, you’ll be ready to begin creating your game app. This is the most crucial and costly process.

A mobile game app’s price is primarily determined by your choice, whether you’re making a casual game, a social game, or a simulation game.

Game apps are classified as follows, that depends on their complexity level:

Mini (Short) Games

These types of games are easy and casual games as these games don’t require any special skills to play. Mini or short games are usually are played by a single person. 

A simple and easy game such as Ping pong can cost you around (amount can vary) $21000. But if you require to add some additional features like the clearer graphic and any other feature in your game.

And you have high expectations with your app, so you have to pay higher than that amount. Then you are required to set your budget around 50000$ to 70000$.

Casual 2d Games

These games are built on a very small budget as these games are developed on 2D graphics and require a soundtrack.

Even these games are 2D games, but these games offer a great user engagement rate and several possibilities to scale up.

The games such as Red Ball and stack come under this category. That type of game will cost you around (amount can vary) 55000$ to 95000$.

Business Game Applications

Mobile games are being used by modern companies to boost their team-building activities. Video games are being used by businesses to improve teamwork, inspire imagination, and make the workplace more enjoyable and engaging.

The business game apps have been carefully designed to engage a broad number of people. Such types of games fall under the multiplayer option.

Such games have interesting storylines, the best graphics game levels, animation soundtrack, and cross-channel adaptability.

Furthermore, mobile games designed for enterprise companies and small to medium-sized businesses can be purposefully developed to mark the company in a better way, generate leads, and even close more sales.

To get these types of games made, you’ll need to hire a professional mobile app development company. The cost of business game apps ranges from $250,000 to $550,000.

High-Level Games

These types of games are much expensive and require a massive budget for the development process. But if you can attract the right audience that really enjoys your game, you can earn more revenue.

These types of games need more attention and careful design. On the other side, it needs a complete plan of action. Sometimes it takes almost a year to launch ultimately.

A developer puts some extra effort into it and makes it more engaging for the final users.

The cost of developing such types of games is relatively high as compared to others. You required an experienced developer for it.

This high-end game is costly for developing such games. You have to spend (amount can vary) around 450000$ to 1000000$.

4. Game Application Testing

Testing is very crucial when it comes to mobile game apps. Bugs in games are not tolerated by gamers.

Nobody enjoys a slow and buggy game. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that the game runs smoothly and provides a satisfying user experience.

A good development company usually offers their customers testing services as part of the entire project process. But you have to keep some extra money for the testing process.

Final Notes.

Whenever you plan for a game application, keep two things in your mind. The first thing is the developers’ hourly rate that varies from company to company and the country from where you are getting your work done.

And the second thing is the complexity of your application. The more complex your game application is, the more cost you have to bear.

As we have discussed before, the 2D and 3D applications cost you less than high-end applications full of features.



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