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In this article We Share the Top 10 Punjabi Female Singers in India. Don’t Waste time Lets Start!!!!

Top 10 Punjabi Female Singers in India

Top 10 Punjabi Female Singers in India

1. Gurlez Akhtar

Gurlez Akhtar

The Gurlez Akhter is one of the famous Punjabi Female Singers in India. She is well known for singing and belongs to singing family, her whole family is in singing, She sung as a play back singer in Punjabi movies like Jawani Zindabaad, Hashar and Guddiyan Patole. Gulrez started her singing career as a duet with sukhwinder sukhi, also a punjabi singer , she is married to Kulwinder Kally who is also singer.

Gurlez Akhtar Date of Birth

  • May 11, 1987

Gurlez Akhtar Place of Birth

  • Ludhiana

Gurlez Akhtar Age

33 years

Gurlez Akhtar Country

  • India

Gurlez Akhtar Height

  •  5′ 3”

Gurlez Akhtar Net Worth

  •  $123.6K 

2. Jasmine Sandlas

Jasmine Sandlas

The “Jasmine Sandlas” is one of the most beautiful and popular Punjabi Female Singers in India. She is an Indian singer, television celebrity, songwriter who is in main sing Punjabi songs. She was also featured in the big name programs like TEDx Talks, MTV Coke Studio and Spoken Word platforms. she is an Independent Artist born in Jalandhar Punjab, India. Her first song was a main hit and got very famous named “MUSKAN” in 2008.

Jasmine Sandlas Date of Birth

  • September 4, 1990

Jasmine Sandlas Place of Birth

  • Jalandhar, India

Jasmine Sandlas Age

29 years

Jasmine Sandlas Country

  • India

Jasmine Sandlas Height

  • 1.63 m

Jasmine Sandlas Net Worth

  • $1 million

3. Kaur B

Kaur B

Kaur B is a vocalist and been awarded with many awards like Punjabi Music Best Debut Vocalist Female, Punjab Music most popular song of the year, Punjabi Music Award for best Dou/Group, Punjabi best music Duet Vocalist award, Punjabi music best pop vocalist. She sung songs for bollywood and punjabi movies.

Kaur B Date of Birth

  • July 5, 1991

Kaur B Place of Birth

  • Patran, India

Kaur B Age

29 years

Kaur B Country

  • India

Kaur B Height

  • 5′

Kaur B Net Worth

  •  $1 Million

4. Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar Top 10 Punjabi Female Singers in India

Neha Kakkar is one of the famous songstress and the most beautiful Punjabi Female Singers in India. She performed many songs which got very hot in whole world. She is active from 2006 and till now giving back to back hit songs in the Indian music industry. She started her performances and singing from the age of 4 in religious events. She is known as one of the expensive singers in the indian music industry net worth $4.5 million and Neha Charge 25 lakh indian rupees for a single song , her annual income is 5 crore

Neha Kakkar Date of Birth

  • June 6, 1988

Neha Kakkar Place of Birth

  • Rishikesh, India

Neha Kakkar Age

32 years

Neha Kakkar Country

  • India

Neha Kakkar Height

  • 1.48 m

Neha Kakkar Net Worth

  • 4.5 million dollars

5. Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja

The “Gurinder Kaur Kainth” is one of the most beautiful and famous Punjabi Female Singers in India. She was born to Inderpal Kainth and Saroj Devi in family at Rajpura and has a popular name called Miss Pooja, she is very good personality having skills of singing and acting and primarily sings in Punjabi bhangras, pop and folk genres. She has done B.A in Vocal and Instrumental skills from Punjab University, She has done Masters in Music from PGGCG. She has gave a lot of hit performances.

Miss Pooja Date of Birth

  • December 4, 1980

Miss Pooja Place of Birth

  • Rajpura, India

Miss Pooja Age

39 years

Miss Pooja Country

  • India

Miss Pooja Height

  • 1.55 m

Miss Pooja Net Worth

  • $5 Million 

6. Anmol Gagan Maan

Anmol Gagan Maan

The “Gagandeep Kaur Maan” is one of the famous Punjabi Female Singers in India. She is very popular in music industry name as a “Anmol Gagan Maan” was born in Mansa Indian and was born on Feb 26 1990. She is famous for her singing career and was awarded as Punjabi Music best folk pop vocalist female and nominated in Punjabi Music best Debut vocalist Female. She is Lyricist, Singer, Music composer and well known for Punjabi folk and bhangra songs.

Anmol Gagan Maan Date of Birth

  • February 26, 1990

Anmol Gagan Maan Place of Birth

  • Mansa, India

Anmol Gagan Maan Age

30 years

Anmol Gagan Maan Country

  • India

Anmol Gagan Maan Height

  • 1.73 m

Anmol Gagan Maan Net Worth

  • $1 Million 

7. Nimrat Kharia

Nimrat Kharia

Nimratpal Kaur Khaira known for her professional name Nimrat Khaira. She is known for doing singing, playback singing and acting in Punjabi movies and films, Nimrat khaira was nominated in Filmfair Punjabi Awards and got award in PTC Punjabi film Awards , Nimrat Khaira the only child of her parents started singing from third grade and complete her schooling from D.A,V School and Got graduated in Biotechnology from HMV college.

Nimrat Kharia Date of Birth

  • August 8, 1992

Nimrat Kharia Place of Birth

  • Gurdaspur, India

Nimrat Kharia Age

28 years

Nimrat Kharia Country

  • India

Nimrat Kharia Height

  • 1.6 m

Nimrat Kharia Net Worth

  • $1.5 million

8. Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin is one of the famous and popular Punjabi female singers in India. She start singing at the very young age because she is very fond of singing and acting at a very young age. She won many awards and prizes at his school during her school days where she won many awards in different competitions.

Neha Bhasin Date of Birth

  • November 18, 1982

Neha Bhasin Place of Birth

  • New Delhi, India

Neha Bhasin Age

37 years

Neha Bhasin Country

  • Indian

Neha Bhasin Height

  • 5′ 4”

Neha Bhasin Net Worth

  • $5 Million

9. Rupinder Handa

Rupinder Handa

Rupinder Handa is one of the famous punjabi female singer in India.She starts performing from her school days and also won many prizes Nationally at college and university level. She is also fond of Dancing.She is also a famous Actor.

Rupinder Handa Date of Birth

  • 30 September 1985

Rupinder Handa Place of Birth

  • Sirsa, India

Rupinder Handa Age

32 Years

Rupinder Handa Country

  • Indian

Rupinder Handa Height

  • 5′ 3”

Rupinder Handa Net Worth

  • $3.3K 

10. Harshdeep Kaur

Harshdeep Kaur

Harshdeep Kaur is one of the popular punjabi singer. She is very passionate for learn singing and start from the age of 6 years.She is a Cat lover. The most important fact about her that she won the two Reality shows award in 2001 and 2008.

Harshdeep Kaur Date of Birth

  • December 16, 1986

Harshdeep Kaur Place of Birth

  • Delhi, India

Harshdeep Kaur Age

33, years

Harshdeep Kaur Country

  • Indian

Harshdeep Kaur Height

  • 5′ 4”

Harshdeep Kaur Net Worth

  • $5 Million