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Top 10 Richest Footballers in the World

Top 10 Richest Footballers in the World

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – $450 million

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is professional football player from Portuguese. Ronaldo plays for Serie A club Juventus and also the loyal captain of Portugal national team. He is the first football player in the history who became a billionaire at the starting of his career. The most important thing is that this guy was suffering from a heart disease at age 15.

He have to operate for this but he was recovered by following the precaution and tips of doctor and make himself fully recovered from this disease. All above he also has a beautiful and gorgeous wife who was a Model from Spain and her name is Georgina Rodriguez. This beautiful couple also have four kids two daughters and two sons.

Cristiano Ronaldo Date of Birth

  • February 5, 1985

Cristiano Ronaldo Place of Birth

  • Funchal, Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo Age

  • 35 years

Cristiano Ronaldo Country

  • Portuguese

Cristiano Ronaldo Height

  • 1.87 m

Cristiano Ronaldo Wife

  • Georgina

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

  • $460 million

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2. David Beckham – $450 million

David Beckham Top 10 Richest Footballers in the World

David Robert Joseph Beckham is a very famous name in the history of footballers. He is the professional football player and one of the Richest footballers in the world. He is also the president or co-owner of Inter Miami CF and also the co-owner of the Salford City. In 1997 He is also nominated for the PFA Young Player of the Year. David Beckham is also known as the best ball passers history footballers. David Beckham also has a Beautiful wife “Victoria Beckham”. She is a very famous English Singer and also a very popular Fashion designer. This handsome guy also Blessed with 4 kids 3 sons and 1 daughter.

David Beckham Date of Birth

  • May 2, 1975

David Beckham Place of Birth

  • London, United Kingdom

David Beckham Age

  • 45 years

David Beckham Country

  • England 

David Beckham Height

  • 1.8 m

David Beckham Wife

  • Victoria Beckham

David Beckham Net Worth

  • $450 million

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3. Lionel Messi – $400

Lionel Messi

Lionel Andrés Messi is a professional football player from Argentine. He plays in the team La Liga club Barcelona and the Argentina national team and also the Captain of these both teams. After “Ronaldo”, The Lionel Andres became the highest paid player also a billionaire at the beginning of his career. He has a beautiful wife “Antonella Roccuzzo” and this beautiful couple was blessed with 3 sons.

Lionel Messi Date of Birth

  • June 24, 1987

Lionel Messi Place of Birth

  • Rosario, Argentina

Lionel Messi Age

  • 33 years

Lionel Messi Country

  • Spanish
  • Argentine

Lionel Messi Height

  • 1.7 m

Lionel Messi Wife

  • Antonela Roccuzzo

Lionel Messi Net Worth

  • $400

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4. Dave Whelan – $220

Dave Whelan

David Whelan is a professional English footballer. His nickname is Dave. At the beginning of his career David plays for the Blackburn Rovers team and also for Crewe Alexandra team. Dave Whelan is one of the Richest soccer players with the worth of 210$. Hew has a beautiful wife.The name of his wife is pat. This beautiful couple also have 2 kids a daughter and a son.

Dave Whelan Date of Birth

  • November 24, 1936

Dave Whelan Place of Birth

  • Bradford, United Kingdom

Dave Whelan Age

  • 83 years

Dave Whelan Country

  • England

Dave Whelan Height

  • 5 ft. 8 in

Dave Whelan Wife

  • Pat

Dave Whelan Net Worth

  • $220

5. Alexandre Pato – $145 million

Alexandre Pato

Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva is a professional football player from Brazil. He is also known a Alexander or pato. Alexandre Rodrigues is also famous as the Richest footballers in the World. He Started his career as a youth player a internationally in 2000. He is failed in some soccer leagues and left the Milan.

Alexandre Pato Date of Birth

  • September 2, 1989

Alexandre Pato Place of Birth

  • Pato Branco, State of Paraná, Brazil

Alexandre Pato Age

  • 30 years

Alexandre Pato Country

  • Brazilian

Alexandre Pato Height

  • 1.8 m

Alexandre Pato Wife

  • Rebeca Abravanel
  • Sthefany Brito

Alexandre Pato Net Worth

  • $145 million

6. Wayne Rooney – $145 million

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Mark Rooney is one of the most famous and professional English footballers. He is also the captain of the Championship club Derby. Wayne Mark Rooney is also famous as the Richest footballers in the World. He played his whole career as a forward, and Wayne Mark has also used in various roles of midfield. He has a beautiful and gorgeous wife Coleen Mary Rooney. She is a very famous personality in television and also a popular English Author. This couple also blessed with three beautiful son.

Wayne Rooney Date of Birth

  • October 24, 1985

Wayne Rooney Place of Birth

  • Croxteth, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Wayne Rooney Age

  • 34 years

Wayne Rooney Country

  •  England

Wayne Rooney Height

  • 1.76 m

Wayne Rooney Wife

  • Coleen Rooney

Wayne Rooney Net Worth

  • $145 million

7. Gareth Bale – $125 million Read

Gareth Bale

Gareth Frank Bale is one of the famous and professional football from Welsh country. He plays Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur as a Winger. He is also known as the most Richest footballers in the World. Gareth Frank is also the captains of Wales team. He has a very gorgeous wife Emma Rhys Jones. They also have 3 kids.

Gareth Bale Date of Birth

  • July 16, 1989

Gareth Bale Place of Birth

  • Cardiff, United Kingdom

Gareth Bale Age

  • 31 years

Gareth Bale Country

  • British
  • Welsh

Gareth Bale Height

  • 1.85 m

Gareth Bale Wife

  • Emma Rhys-Jones

Gareth Bale Net Worth

  • $125 million Read

8. Francesco Totti – $101.6 million

Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti Ufficiale OMRI is a professional Italian footballer. He plays solely for Roma and the National team of Italy. Most important and famous plays he is a midfielder or second striker. But he also plays as a lone striker or a famous winger. He has a beautiful wife Ilary Blasi. She is an Italian showgirl a very famous model, and also a television personality. They have 2 daughters and a also have a son.

Francesco Totti Date of Birth

  • September 27, 1976

Francesco Totti Place of Birth

  • Rome, Italy

Francesco Totti Age

  • 43 years

Francesco Totti Country

  • Italian

Francesco Totti Height

  • 1.8 m

Francesco Totti Wife

  • Ilary Blasi

Francesco Totti Net Worth

  • $101.6 million

9. Pele – $100 million


Edson Arantes do Nascimento is one of the most famous Retired footballers from Brazil. His nickname is Pelé. Pelé is worldwide known as the greatest player of all the time. He is also known as the most successful and famous sports figure of this 20th century. He has 3 wife and 5 daughters and 2 sons.

Pele Date of Birth

  • October 23, 1940

Pele Place of Birth

  • Três Corações, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Pele Age

  • 79 years

Pele Country

  • Brazilian

Pele Height

  • 1.73 m

Pele Wife

  • Marcia Aoki

Pele Net Worth

  • $100 million

10. Eden Hazard – $100 million

Eden Hazard

Eden Michael Hazard is a professional football player from Belgian. Eden Michael plays as a winger or also a famous midfielder and plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid and also the loyal captain of the Belgium national team. He is well Known for his creativity, speed, dribbling and the ball passing. Hazard is known as one of the best players in the whole world. Eden Hazard’s has a beautiful and gorgeous wife. The name of his wife is Natacha Van Honacker. They have 3 beautiful kids.  

Eden Hazard Date of Birth

  • January 7, 1991

Eden Hazard Place of Birth

  • La Louvière, Belgium

Eden Hazard Age

  • 29 years

Eden Hazard Country

  • 29 years

Eden Hazard Height

  • 1.75 m

Eden Hazard Wife

  • Natacha Van Honacker

Eden Hazard Net Worth

  • $100 million