The Glasswinged Butterfly

In this article, We Share the Top 10 Transparent Animals in the World. Don’t Waste time Let’s Start!!!!

Top 10 Transparent Animals in the World

1. The Greta Butterfly

The Glasswinged Butterfly Transparent Animals in the World

The “Greta Butterfly” as the name shows that the wings of the butterfly are transparent like glass. Is this not a joke it’s true because if you saw this wonderful butterfly with your own eyes you also think that the wing of this butterfly is made up of glass? But the common thing in this is that the wings totally resemble the real glass-made wings. The wings of this butterfly are totally transparent like a mirror.

Transparent Butterfly Weight

  • 3 grams

Transparent Butterfly Lifespan

  • 12 months

Transparent Butterfly Country

  • Argentina

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2. Translucent Pharaoh Ants

Translucent Pharaoh Ants

The Pharaoh Ant is not a common ant-like other ant. It is a very special and wonderful creature due to its specific body. The whole body of this ant is made up of a special kind of material that is totally transparent like glass. This beautiful creature lives all over the world.

Translucent Pharaoh Ants Weight

  • 5 mg

Translucent Pharaoh Ants Lifespan

  • 15 years

Translucent Pharaoh Ants Country

  • Antarctica

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3. Tortoise Shell Beetle

Tortoise Shell Beetle

This Tortoise Shell Beetle is one of the most beautiful insects in the world. The most important and special part of its body is the shell which totally covered the body of the insects. The shell of the insects is fully transparent like glass. This shell is very important and precious for this beetle because this shell protects the life of insects from predators. It is lived in North America.

Tortoise Shell Beetle Weight

  • 1 gram

Tortoise Shell Beetle Lifespan

  • 2 months

Tortoise Shell Beetle Country

  • Argentina

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4. See-through Frog (Hyperolius Leucotaenius)

See-through Frog

The See-through Frog is a Transparent Animals in the World. This frog is totally different from other common frogs. The specialty of this frog is that it is totally transparent is that the body of this frog is totally transparent as all the organs of this frog are visible. This frog was lived in the Congo. This frog is also known as an endemic species.

See-through Frog Weight

  • 22 gram

See-through Frog Lifespan

  • 14 years

See-through Frog Country

  • all over the world

5. Transparent Butterfly

Transparent Butterfly

The transparent butterfly is a very beautiful and attractive creature. As the name shows this butterfly is transparent. Because some parts of the wing are transparent. The opaque borders of wings are dark brown and tan in color with a reddish glow. This beautiful creature was listed in the top 10 Transparent Animals in the World.

Transparent Butterfly Weight

  • 3 grams

Transparent Butterfly Lifespan

  • 12 months

Transparent Butterfly Country

  • Chile

6. Glass Frog

Glass Frog

The Glass frogs Transparent Animals in the World. The skin color of the frog’s body is light green lime. The abdominal skin is translucent. Due to the translucence in the abdomen of the frog’s body. All the inside organs of the frog-like the heart, liver, and gastrointestinal tract, are totally visible.

Glass Frog Weight

  • 0.80 oz

Glass Frog Lifespan

  • 12 years

Glass Frog Country

  • all over the world

7. Ghost Shrimp

Ghost Shrimp

A ghost shrimp is a fish and one of the Transparent Animals in the World. The whole body of this fish is totally transparent and glossy like silver. This creature is very attractive and also astonishing due to its transparency. This fish is transparent like a glass with green shiny dots in its body.

Ghost Shrimp Weight

  • 1-5 g

Ghost Shrimp Lifespan

  • 1 year

Ghost Shrimp Country

  • United States

8. Snail With Semi-Transparent Shell

Snail With Semi-Transparent Shell

The Snail with Semi-Transparent Shell is one of the Transparent Animals in the World. It is a charming and beautiful snail due to its transparent shall. This species of snail lives in the cave of Lukina.

Snail With Semi-Transparent Shell Weight

  • 45 g

Snail With Semi-Transparent Shell Lifespan

  • 10 years

Snail With Semi-Transparent Shell Country

  • Shallow waters all over the world

9. Clear Slug

Clear Slug

This Clear Slug is a kind of snail from the slug’s family. This clear slug is one of the Transparent animals in the world. The shell of this slug is totally shrunk and it is clearly visible in a translucent with lime green skin. It lives in the forests of the Puerto Rican mountain range.

Clear Slug Weight

  • 14 grams

Clear Slug Lifespan

  • 18 months

Clear Slug Country

  • Canada 

10. Yellow Amycine Jumping Spider

Yellow Amycine Jumping Spider

The Yellow Amycine Jumping Spider is one of the transparent animals in the world. It is a single species from the family of spiders that transparency in its body. These spiders are famous due to their jumping ability.

Yellow Amycine Jumping Spider Weight

  • 13.5 mg

Yellow Amycine Jumping Spider Lifespan

  • 10 months 

Yellow Amycine Jumping Spider Country

  • Ecuador