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Top 10 Youngest Billionaires in The World

In this article, We Share the Top 10 Youngest Billionaires in The World. Don’t Waste time Lets Start!!!!

Top 10 Youngest Billionaires in The World

1. Albert Von

Albert Von Thurn Und Taxis

Albert von is the Youngest Billionaire in the World. He is the also the 12th Prince of Thurn. Albert von is a very famous aristocrat, a businessman, and also a professional car race driver. Albert von has listed as the world’s youngest billionaire in many times after his father’s death in 1990.

Albert Von Birth

  • June 24, 1983

Albert Von Age

  • 37 years

Albert Von Height

  • 6’4″

Albert Von Country

  • German

Albert Von Net Worth

  • $1.6 billion

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2. Ayman Hariri

Ayman Hariri

Ayman Rafic Hariri is one of the Youngest Billionaire in the World. He is a Lebanese billionaire and businessman and the second-youngest son of the tycoon Rafic Hariri. He is the co-founder and CEO of the social network Vero and he is also the former CEO of the Saudi Oger.

Ayman Hariri Birth

  • 1978

Ayman Hariri Age

  • 42 years

Ayman Hariri Height

not known

Ayman Hariri Country

  • Saudi

Ayman Hariri Net Worth

  • 1.3 billion USD

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3. Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Aaron Moskovitz is the Youngest Billionaires in the World. He is Internet entrepreneur from America. He co-founded Facebook with the Mark Zuckerberg and some other professionals. In 2008, he lefted the Facebook and start his work to co-found Asana with the Justin Rosenstein.

Dustin Moskovitz Birth

  • May 22, 1984

Dustin Moskovitz Age

  • 36 years

Dustin Moskovitz Height

not known

Dustin Moskovitz Country

  • American

Dustin Moskovitz Net Worth

  • 16 billion USD

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4. Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin is the Youngest Billionaires in the World. He is a very famous a professional entrepreneur from Brazil. He is also an angel investor. Saverin is also included in the list of the co-founders of Facebook. Because in 2012 Saverin owned the Facebook shares of 53 million and the value of these shares is approximately $2 billion at that time. He also invested some early-stage startups like Qwiki and Jumio. 

Eduardo Saverin Birth

  • March 1982

Eduardo Saverin Age

  • 38 years

Eduardo Saverin Height

not known

Eduardo Saverin Country

  • Brazilian

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

  • 14.5 billion USD

5. Fahd Hariri

Fahd Hariri Top 10 Youngest Billionaires in The World

Fahd Rafic Hariri is the Youngest Billionaires in the World. He is belonging to a Richest family. The brother of Ayman Rafic Hariri. He is very popular and professional businessman from Lebanese. He is numbered in the list of billionaires. His famous works include property developing.

Fahd Hariri Birth

  • 1982

Fahd Hariri Age

  • 38 years

Fahd Hariri Height

not known

Fahd Hariri Country

  • Lebanese

Fahd Hariri Net Worth

  • 1.1 billion USD

6. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is the Youngest Billionaires in the World. He is an American media magnate, an internet entrepreneur, and also a philanthropist. He is especially well known for co-founding the Facebook. He is the chairman and chief executive officer and also controlling the shareholders.

Mark Zuckerberg Birth

  • May 14, 1984

Mark Zuckerberg Age

  • 36 years

Mark Zuckerberg Height

not known

Mark Zuckerberg Country

  • American

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth

  • 96 billion USD

7. Robert Pera

Robert Pera

Robert J. Pera is the Youngest Billionaires in the World. He is the founder of Ubiquiti Networks, and Inc. It is a global communication technology company which is took in public by Pera in 2011. In October 2012, he the owner of a professional team of basketball which is famous the National Basketball Association of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Robert Pera Birth

  • March 10, 1978

Robert Pera Age

  • 42 years

Robert Pera Height

not known

Robert Pera Country

  • American

Robert Pera Net Worth

  • 10.8 billion USD

8. Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan

Scott Daniel Duncan is one of the Youngest Billionaire in the World. He is an American billionaire heir to the Duncan family fortune. Scott Daniel is the most handsome and a very richest person from United States. Scot was educated from Houston Community college.

Scott Duncan Birth

  • 1983

Scott Duncan Age

  • 37 years

Scott Duncan Height

not known

Scott Duncan Country

  • American

Scott Duncan Net Worth

  • 5 billion USD

9. Sean Parker

Sean Parker

Sean Parker is the Youngest Billionaire in the World. Parker is an American entrepreneur and also a professional philanthropist. He is most popular for co-founding the file-sharing computer service Napster, and also serves as the president of the social network website Facebook.

Sean Parker Birth

  • December 3, 1979

Sean Parker Age

  • 40 years

Sean Parker Height

not known

Sean Parker Country

  • American

Sean Parker Net Worth

  • 2.7 billion USD

10. Yang Huiyan

Yang Huiyan

Yang Huiyan is the Youngest Billionaire in the World. She is a very beautiful Chinese lady from Cypriot. She is Chinese billionaire businesswoman and property developer she has a very large shareholder of Country Garden and a large stake transferred to Yang Huiyan by her father Yang Guoqiang in 2007.

Yang Huiyan Birth

  • July 20, 1981

Yang Huiyan Age

  • 39 years

Yang Huiyan Height

not known

Yang Huiyan Country

  • Chinese

Yang Huiyan Net Worth

  • 28.7 billion USD



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